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It is not worth paying more for a MHz chips, than for a MHz chip, since both can be overclocked to near the same level. Raising the core voltage to 1. Some companies have posted new BIOS versions, which usually fix certain issues of former releases. Most competitors come with three, while only the Tyan board comes with four. Keep in mind that overclocking results vary depending not only on each individual CPU tested, but also on the components in your system.

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It scored sixth place in both gaming benchmarks.

When you do a comparison between the 3D Mark scores with the system at MHz and the GeForce at it’s default settings vs. Windows 98 SE 4. I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be used Overclocking the E Flip-Chip: The on-board audio can be quickly disabled in the BIOS, under the ‘advanced chipset features’ menu.

Now that we have the generalities out of the way, let’s consider the package as a whole.

The great features, combined with almost perfect overclocking abilities and excellent reliability should make sure aibt almost everybody should be happy with this motherboard.

News and Changes More and more Socket motherboards are becoming available these v6tx4. F5 March 17, The scores shown below are an average of 2 test runs each. The overall layout of the board is so par for ABIT you’d think they fired all their board designers right after building the BH6.


Two ISA slots are not necessary anymore. First off, the CPU speed numbers below are from Norton Utilities processor rating utility, and the values are an average of 3 runs each.

At the MHz setting, the system had an overall rating of MHz, which is where the benchmarks begin to level off with GeForce cards. The real question is, can abut board compete with the reigning Coppermine mobo champion, the Tyan Trinity The benchmarking was done with the Elsa GeForce card at it’s default clock settings.

After all, this board left quite a good impression. Deadly Shadows game review. Deadly Shadows game review USB 2.

There’s even an illustrated description of the BIOS update process. Therefore, using the same motherboard and GeForce card that had previously run at MHz on the front side bus with the E processor, we could only manage MHz on the front side bus if we wanted complete stability using the E chip.

Using the Gigabyte adapter, the test system booted up without incident. An Architectural History, Part I. The placement bt6x4 the FDD connector is a bit unlucky, as the floppy cable will have to run directly over the graphics card.


Slot-1 VIA Motherboard Update –

The future of Prescott. Considering the Flip-Chips have been semi-available for 7 months, we are starting to wonder if something strange is going on here. Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion review. Don’t play with the Registry if you are not comfortable with ‘Regedit’.

ABIT VT6X4 – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – Pro133A

Soyo decided to include the AMR slot as well. Intel wants you to buy their new i and ibased motherboards, but vt64x don’t want them for numerous reasons. In fact, in our tests, the E chip overclocked higher than the chip. In the spirit of earlier boards, I expected more. AC97 sound has also been integrated.

Overclocking The first speed to try is the safe one: HP Compaq nc vt6d4 review. These little weaknesses regarding the boards’s design are the only reasons to complain.