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Lastly power and frequency sweep make easier and faster using the external input and output trigger. It is applied to the measurement after the CALC: Where can I find manuals for discontinued and obsolete Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Keysight test equipment? My A halts during the boot process with the “Booting from disk” message displayed on the screen. It requires the serial number to be set- up. SENSor[1] 2 3 4:

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Which of Keysight’s power sensors and power meters are compatible with each other?

What does it mean when the analyzer displays the “Oven Cold” message? Message 4 of Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. This query will return all the installed license string for the options. SENSor[1] 2 3 4: Labgiew the A halts during the boot process with the “Booting from disk” message displayed on the screen, this is typically an indication of an invalid stored state for power up Detailed information can be found here For the EB, the firmware revision A1.

I was trying to automatically calibrate an amplifier by adjusting the level of the input signal and using the power meter to observe the output power level.


Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies E4418B

The new block must not be larger than the existing block. Cannot compute log of frequency 0″? INSTall This command will install the valid licensed option according to the license string.

Calibrate only once every 2 years. I apologize for not stating my testing setup clearly. Did you use a state machine? Typically it is about 45 ms.

Agilent EX Series Meter – IEEE (GPIB), Serial Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

On the next power cycle, the state will be set to OFF. You may have encountered a firmware issue if the instrument is using firmware Perform the process outlined here or upgrade your instrument firmware to the latest compatible version.

RockNet provides ultra low latency and very high audio quality. The “band crossing” is the sweep frequency of a spectrum analyzer when it crosses its harmonic mixing bands. Message 2 of I am using the Agilent EB power meter and I have looked at the examples Agioent code and have modified it to work for me.

Will no longer be orderable starting 1 Nov Why do I see drop outs near the band crossings when the PSA settings for source control are above points? Unfortunatley that project was canceled before I was able to come up with a fix.


EB Meter speed – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Alignment correction data has been lost or an internal cal value is not within tolerance, press System, Alignments, Align Now, All. This makes it impossible to read the display and softkeys.

This command applies to the following sensors: The table given here shows the compatibility between Keysight’s sensor cables and power meters: You must remove the device driver from Device Manager and cycle power on the oscilloscope so that the proper USB driver is installed.

Trigger source on bus or e448b only SERVice: COUNt This command sets the buffer size for average trigger measurement. Message 1 of Auth with social network: