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AC adapter is good, I tried with onother one but with same result. When I try to turn it on somtimes it will come on for a few seconds then shut off for a few then come on for a few…it will do this sometimes for a minute or two, once it happened for about a half an hour. The widescreen aspect ratio gives you more room to work with when compared to standard 4: I can get it to power up for a second or two but then I have to let it sit for awhile before I can get it too do it again. I got an external sound card. It opens and when I put a dvd in I hear it spin for a little while and then stop.

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You follow disassembly steps to remove the top cover assembly.

HP Presario F730US Notebook PC – Product Specifications

But you can sell them. When I attempted to return the unit cpmpaq repair, I mistakenly assumed my mistake that the owner would redo the repair at no additional cost. Ive done everything and my laptop is apart and now i want to know how to access the fan to clean it. I would suggest just buying a new laptop.

Disassemble the laptop and access the wireless switch.


I press the button for start up and the computer the lights starts only 1 second and close. The model of my laptop is presario f….

L cannot accept F: They will also refund your costs if you already paid to have your pc repaired. Yep, HP specification conpaq 2GB max. I have purchased a few things from Tiger Direct and they were fine and were reasonably priced, but I have not checked to see if they sell motherboards for this laptop.

Helloi had a compaq pressario f and my motherboard was off.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

Maybe your drive is bad? Lift up the keyboard and place it upside down on f7730us palm rest. Are there other areas on the board that desolder? Maybe the AC adapter is bad and shorting the system. One more question, I read where someone had a stuck switch that stayed off when the laptop was opened. I examined the PC board with a hi-power magnifier and ckmpaq one definite de-soldered connection and several others that were marginal.

I really doubt that you can fix the drive itself. Yes, if the audio chip failed, I believe you have to replace the entire motherboard. Then a watt infra-red heat light was positioned about two inches above the board on the opposite side of the GPU chip, and run for a little over an hour.


Mine will be forthcoming asap. I read where someone had a stuck switch that stayed off when the laptop was opened.

Is there f730ue lid switch in this model? In STEP 3 simply pressing the latches those in the little indents in the side of the memory modules outward, allows the module compwq swivel up as shown in the photo.

Should I reseat something? T tried Any other words than the above are all accepted!!! Does it work fine after you f703us the battery? The service manual has disassembly instructions and shows where screws go. What was the answer to post ? The reason I make this point is the following. Green screws securing dompaq keyboard. At this point, having the battery in it is almost worse than not having it. The card has been intermittently recognized but not for the last several days.

Remove the memory cover and memory modules and search for the sticker. Also he said videeo might be a cord that may have became disconnected.