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The write controller is at offset 0x Add byteenable support to the slave to support safe writes from a narrow master. When asserted, indicates that the Read DMA module is ready to write read completion data to a memory component in the Avalon-MM address space. This is an Avalon-MM slave port. The Standalone environment refers to the IP being in a standalone state where all its interfaces are exported.

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CONFIG_DMA_ENGINE: Support for DMA engines

In this example design the Descriptor Controller parameter, Instantiate internal descriptor controlleris on. The protocol stack includes the following layers:.

The sizes available are or bytes. Reflects the value of this signal from the FPGA control block, checked by software to determine if there was an error during configuration. The ready latency is 3 cycles.

Fast memcpy with SPDK and IntelĀ® I/OAT DMA Engine | IntelĀ® Software

An address space of 32 KB is allocated for the control registers. This mechanism allows system software to modify the completion timeout value. Uncorrectable Internal Error Mask Register.


Intel -defined value for VSEC version.

Specifies the descriptor table address. When asserted, indicates that this interface is busy and is not ready to respond. Includes directories for all components of the testbench. This signal is for debug only. Unsupported Request for Endpoints. The Application Layer can use this signal to build circuitry to prevent RX buffer overflow for completion data. The Application Layer can use this signal to build circuitry to prevent RX buffer overflow for completion headers.

This read only register is an additional marker. This parameter sets the read-only value of the max payload size supported field of the Device Capabilities register 0x[2: In these figures, channels that are not used for the PCI Express protocol are available for other protocols. The benchmarks are logged and results compared.

When asserted, indicates that the data is valid.

Intel Arria 10 or Intel Cyclone 10 GX Avalon -MM DMA Interface for PCI Express Solutions User Guide

The Correctable Internal Error Status register reports the status of the internally checked errors that are correctable. The host uses this port to program the Descriptor Controller. In both cases, the Descriptor Controller sends an MSI to the host after the completion of the last descriptor along with the status update for the last descriptor. When you specify 50000 addresses, no address translation is performed in either direction.


The controller always requests an even number of bit words to the host. Data link layer active reporting Root Port only. To enhance performance and reduce internal buffering requirements, limited descriptor size to 8 KB. Minimum Low Balanced High Maximum.

When asserted, specifies a Avalon -MM Ignored when the chip select is deasserted. TX data is valid txdeemph0 Output Transmit de-emphasis selection. Device Capabilities 2 Register. Specifies the transmit de-emphasis for Gen2. The non-prefetchable memory base register of the Type1 Configuration Space. To meet this specification, IP core includes an embedded hard reset controller.

Equalization, Phase 3 Set when any received TLP is poisoned.