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For auction items, payment can be made on collection, but we cannot accept PayPal payments made online for orders being collected. Another issue typical for Maxtor hard drives is damage to the components on the circuit board PCB. This leads to further damage to the surface and causes more data loss. If you need the PCB urgently or you are data recovery company, suggest you choose the delivery way by Expedited Shipping, it will take about working days. It will take about working days! Drive is a Maxtor 4RJ0.

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But first you need to know that the same model of hard drive such as 4RJ0 Maxtor hard drive, as shown below may use one or more boards with different board numbers, we will list the possible boards of the Maxtor 4RJ0 hard drive bellow:.

Maxtor 4R060J0 60GB 5.4K 3.5″ PATA HDD RAMB1TU0 040105900 L7250E

Firmware of the drive is not located on the PCB as most people think. This item is intended for you to diagnose if your hard drive has a circuit board problem, and if it does, recover your valuable data.

Orders placed after 3pm maxror ship the following working day. Please note that we require immediate payment on all our items therefore you will maxfor required to submit payment information at the time of placing your order.

Drive is a Maxtor 4RJ0. If you are buying as a business, then items are NOT returnable unless defective, or the item supplied is not the item you have ordered. This is just an electronic board for this model Hard Drive. It is often a gamble in this case. Maxtors also well-known for their line of “musical” hard drives that have very high rate of bearings failures. If you attempt to boot up from such 4r060j or read any data from it you would get “Disk boot failure.


Please check the “Postage and payments” tab for shipping rates and options. Some drives have internal damages that can’t be detected 4r60j0. Estimated delivery times are listed below. Main part of firmware is stored on the platter in so-called System Service Area. The same model of hard disk may use a different PCB. Maxtor PCB Replacement In order to determine your hard disk board number, mqxtor best way is to use a screwdriver to open the hard disk, find the circuit board of the hard disk to determine the board number, the board number of the hard disk is printed on the circuit board, some are on the front side and some are on the back side.

You are very positive the PCB is dead There is obvious damage on the PCB board The hard drive does not spin the hard drive never fell or was shaken If the hard drive simply can’t be detected, or if it is clicking, then it could be a circuit board problem, but it could easily be internal damage as well. This complex and precise procedure requires a lot of experience and use of specialized in-house tools to maintain platters in alignment.

All sales of PCB boards are final due to installation issues. Contact Us online Reply within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us by email sales hddzone. Currently there is no way to fix this type of problem at home.

Maxtor 4RJ0 60GB K ” PATA HDD RAMB1TU0 LE | eBay

Alexis Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada Maxtors also well-known maxgor their line of “musical” hard drives that have very high rate of bearings failures. Please note that if your country is not shown, we cannot offer a shipping service, however, we can ship to a Mainland UK freight forwarder specified as a shipping address. Please note that these times are estimates only. If one of the modules becomes corrupted the whole hard drive micro-operating system can’t boot up, the drive can’t initialize correctly and stops working.


If you hear your Maxtor hard drive making some other unusual noises visit maxtof Hard Drive Sounds page for more examples.

By replacing the board, the hard disk can be restored, so we can recover data on it. Most often this a sign of bad headsbut before doing any clean room work, it is very important to perform accurate diagnostics and eliminate a chance of possible firmware corruption that 4r060jj0 could also cause clicking. Aberdeen, Scotland Maxtor hard drives are well-known for their firmware problems.

The drive spins up and the head starts clicking right from the beginning with a regular constant sound: All boards are guaranteed to be r4060j0 OK before shipment. Maxtor 4RJ0 60GB 5.

This product has no reviews yet, however maxtot what our buyers say about our other products In our lab we use special imaging tools that are capable of reading raw sector data ignoring sector checksum check.